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One of life's great lessons ... 
How Does One Become Great When Society Conspires to Keep You Shackled in Mediocrity?
Beyond Good and Evil Summary
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“Every morality is a bit of tyranny against ‘nature’; also against ‘reason’.”
This widely misunderstood, and extremely difficult to read, book has influenced hundreds of great minds spanning the ranks of great leaders, tycoons, and poets alike.  It is often mistakenly associated with Nazism (which is ironic given the book has influenced many Jewish intellectuals and even the Zionist movement itself).  In this summary of one of the "50 Great Books of the Western World" you will learn ...
  • Why society wants you to be mediocre
  • The vital characteristics you need to become a truly great thinker
  • How to grant yourself an intellectual superpower
  • And much more ... 
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