FREE: The Little Calendar That Brainwashes You
WARNING:  This calendar will brainwash you.  DO NOT hang it on your wall unless you want to deeply believe the following things ...
WARNING: This calendar will brainwash you. DO NOT hang it on your wall unless you want to deeply believe the following things ...
  • You are in control of your life  
  • You can change your life by changing your thinking 
  • (in a realistic way ... not any "just dream it and your wishes will rain down upon you in golden sachets floating on rainbow rays of sunshine" false wishful thinking sense ... I'm talking about the real way to change your thinking that changes your actions)
  • You are more powerful than you probably realize

It's funny, isn't it?

How sometimes the simplest tiny things can make such a huge difference?

Like a tiny pill ...

Or a ring on someone's finger.

(It's no coincidence most of the great "objects of power" throughout our history and mythology are tiny objects that grant the bearer unfair advantages and awe-inspiring powers.)

Take Conor McGregor, for example.  He was an excellent fighter.  But after he started making tiny tweaks to his gorilla-strong striking power and primal movement patterns, he enjoyed being called "the greatest fighter of all time."  (He also now enjoys wiping the smug looks off the faces of his former detractors.)

Or how about my friend Russell Brunson who became the hero of his family by learning how to become an Internet entrepreneur?   Some tiny shifts were all it took to take him from struggling to running a comfortable 8 figure business.  (He's beyond just helping his family now.  Heck, he even has his own biohacking lab in the backyard of his sprawling country estate.)

"Exactly 30-Seconds-a-Day.  Not a second Longer."

The Little Calendar That Brainwashes You is 5 inches wide.  It is compact enough to fit anywhere - even in a secret compartment, if you are so inclined.  Yet, it is also handsome enough to be hung proudly inside the classiest top-shelf model homes.

And it's the simplest thing ... it only takes 30 seconds to use.  These 30 seconds are such a pleasure, you won't want to stop.  But you must ... (we predict you'll enjoy showing off your new powers just as much - if not more - let us know :-)

The Secret is "the three 3's."

Over a million people around the world use Simpleology® to double their productivity by simplifying their lives.  And we’re trusted by small businesses, Fortune 500s, and branches of the US government alike.  So, over the last 12 years we’ve learned a few things about exactly what gets people so "turned on and on fire" that winning the game of life is an inevitable consequence.

We packed the most powerful of those techniques into the Little Calendar.  It packs a little wallop of mojo into your life each day you use it.  The secret is what we call "the three 3’s”.  An elegant combination of the most powerful transformational psychology from days of yore to days anew.  (From the ancient and arcane to the newest of the cutting edge.)

BONUS:  Includes extra months up to March 2021!
We Bought 250 Special Edition Calendars for Those Participating in "The Great Awakening".  
(Claim yours before it's gone.)  Just pay shipping.  And then ...
Use The Little Calendar That Brainwashes You as instructed for 60 Days.  (Just 30 seconds a day.)  If the wanton swagger and unapologetic fire you will feel from daily use does not make you believe you experienced ...

... a BONAFIDE MIRACLE of modern science ...

... just return it.  We'll even refund the shipping. 

(No hard feelings :-)
And you'll even get to keep these 
7 Additional "Unfair" Advantages
just for trying ... 

SPECIAL "Unfair" Advantage #0:
FREE Access to "The Great Awakening"

(LIVE Online Group Coaching) In this 30 day live group coaching experience you will be guided through simple daily experiences and exercises that will:  1) Awaken your inner fire 2) Awaken your inner genius 3) Awaken your inner badass.  At the end of these 30 days you will be tougher, smarter, and more driven than at any point in your life.  And it will only take between 5 and 15 minutes a day!

"Unfair" Advantage #1:
The Old Book That Brainwashes You

(instant download PDF and audio) It is said that "once one reads this book, they are forever changed."  We have to agree.  The Founder of Simpleology credits reading this book as "one of the most important turning points in my life - it flipped a strange switch inside me."  PLUS:  We'll give you two instant-download audiobook versions of the "Old Book" 1.  A regular audiobook version read beautifully by a Shakespearian actor and ... 2.  The same version encoded with our Passive Mastery™ technology - it hypnotizes / relaxes you while you listen and sends the book right into your subconscious mind.  All you have to do is take a nap and relax.

"Unfair" Advantage #2:  
Brainwash Yourself Skinny

(instant video download) We all know the truth:  there is no "magic bullet" for fat loss.  But is there ...? If eating the right foods and exercising in the right way is the only way, then it would seem the "real secret" is simply getting yourself to do those things:  without starvation or willpower, right?  This short video delivers the recipe.  It shows you precisely what you must do to shift your thinking in exactly the right way to make these changes fast and make them stick this time.

"Unfair" Advantage #3:  
The High Energy Brain Wash

(instant-access "Simpleology Project") Don't have the mojo you once had?  It's common these days ... And it's not "just a natural part of the aging process."  I'll prove it:  put on a piece of music that fires you up ... or just take a brisk walk in nature ... Of course you'll feel instantly better, right?  What's more, there are hundreds of little (healthy, drug-free) procedures you can do to crank up your energy past the "randy teenager" level and keep it there!  This 13 day "project" will show you how to make these changes a part of your life so this is your "default mode" - from the moment you spring out of bed to the moment you drift off to blissful sleep with the pride and satisfaction that only comes from a day of accomplishment.

"Unfair" Advantage #4:  
Brainwash Yourself Rich

(instant download PDF and audio) Here's another one of these "old books" that contains the lost wisdom we so sorely need today.  Rumor has it the screenwriters of Wall Street imagined this is the book Gordon Gekko would read each night before bed.  It is that popular amongst real-world tycoons.

"Unfair" Advantage #5:  
Brainwash Your Friends in 4 Minutes

(instant video download) "As the author of one of the most popular books on persuasion of all time, I am humbled to admit:  this 4-minute video is probably the fastest crash-course in immediately-usable persuasion I've ever seen."  - Mark Joyner

Warning: This works.  Maybe a little better than you want it to.  Use these "obedience hacks" for good.  Because they give you an unfair advantage over people - especially hostile/skeptical people who think they are "immune" to persuasion - it's very important to use them thoughtfully and responsibly.

"Unfair" Advantage #6:  
Brainwash Your Customers to Fall in Love with You

(instant-access 11-day online course) What if your customers loved you so much you never had to pay a single cent on advertising ever again?  What if you had your very own "army of the willing" doing the work of a thousand hired-gun publicists and salesmen for free?  We show you how we did just that at Simpleology: over a million users and almost all of them through the methods you'll learn in this course.

"Unfair" Advantage #7:  
Brainwash Yourself to Stop Procrastinating Automatically

(instant video download)  Hey ... Have you ever heard the story about the happy, healthy, and successful procrastinator?  We haven't either.  Goodness.  It has to be the most under-reported illness of the modern age.  We dare you to try procrastinating after watching this mind-altering video.  Just try!  You'll see ...
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BONUS:  Includes extra months up to March 2021!

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