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Mark Joyner

5 time #1 bestselling author.  Books in print in 24 languages.  Founder of Simpleology® - a web app with over a million users worldwide.
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Secret #1:  How to Double Your Income by Cutting Your Workload in Half
Once you learn this, you'll never want to work "the old way" again.  This ploy alone can double your standard of living in weeks.  The catch?  Figuring out what to do with your newfound free time.
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Used stealthily by Las Vegas casinos to get you to keep spending.  Now you can use it to flip on your "go" switch at will.  (And more actually.  You'll see.)
Secret #3: The 100% safe and natural “brain hack” that turbocharges your focus without pills.
Recent discoveries in neuroscience reveal humans can enjoy an instant and radical brain boost just by ... (register to learn)
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