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They Watched 1,435 "Good" Companies Over 40 Years ... 
Only 11 made the leap to "great" and they all had 7 things in common.
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Using science to dissect business greatness.
Stanford Professor Jim Collins and his team are responsible for the most comprehensive longitudinal study in the history of entrepreneurialism.  Their findings forever changed the world of business.
  • Their 7 key findings can be easily learned, understood, and applied for immediate and stunning impact on your business.
  • Learn the most common causes of entrepreneurial failure that are invisible to most entrepreneurs.  (You will wield the ultimate edge over your business rivals.)
  • Are you pushing the "fly wheel" or are you stuck in a "doom loop?"   This concept alone can turn your company around overnight.  You will forever view your business with an astonishing sense of renewed clarity. 
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