The (Not So) Little Calendar That Grows Your Business
WARNING:  This calendar will make you a card-carrying member of the "no excuses left" club.  If you're not serious about exploding your business, do not buy this calendar!

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WARNING: This calendar will grow your business. DO NOT even think about putting it on your desk unless ...
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  • You can follow simple and easy daily instructions 
  • You long to give a loving middle finger to all those who advised you to "get a real job"

"MARK ... even surrounded by friends, I feel so ... alone."

My friend sipped his coffee, staring off into the hopeless nothingness.


I snapped my fingers right in his face.

His eyes locked on mine in shock.

"You're gonna be alone for real in a minute, pal -  if you don't pay attention."

His shock lingered for a moment and then he let out a laugh.

"Am I being pathetic?"

I pinched my fingers in the air.

"A little bit."

"OK.  OK.  Do your magic.  You always have the right thing to say."

This Time ... I Didn't Have the Right Thing to Say 

Richard Bandler taught me one of the most profound things I've ever heard about communication ...

"The meaning of your communication is the response you get."

In this conversation with my friend I thought I was telling him all the right things.  

I mean, I was giving him my most profound insights ... 

 - the radical profit shortcuts I discovered during my decades in the trenches ... 

- the precious trade secrets gifted to me in private by the greatest business luminaries alive ... 

- the most profound "Eureka!" insights I have painstakingly curated after a lifetime of devouring stacks upon stacks of books about business, marketing, psychology, strategy ...

Based on my experience, I knew ...

If he just listened ... if he just followed my instructions ... he'd be just fine.

Heck, he'd be more than fine.  He'd be rich.

But no ...

He had an excuse for everything.  He was an excuse machine!  Effortlessly generating seemingly-logical reasons why every bit of advice I gave him "won't work" for him ...  


I was saying "all the right things" but none of it was sinking in.

Years ago, I would have accepted his B.S. excuses and moved on, blaming it on him.  Knowing what Bandler taught me I realized it was my responsibility to get through to him.

A sudden flash of inspiration showed me how to "blow out" all of his self-sabotaging objections ...

"How about this ... I'll create a one year fool-proof day-to-day plan to make the sky rain cash for you.  Are you in?"


I knew in that moment ... I had him.

What could he possibly say?

He hesitated for a moment and I just stared at him.  (A good salesman knows when to shut up.)

He burst out in laughter.

"Mark ... I don't know what to say."

"Yes, you do.  Say 'I'm in'."

Have you ever seen a grown man cry?  Sometimes it's beautiful.  Other times ... it's just pathetic.

This time it was a little bit of both.  (Don't judge him.  I didn't.)

He let out a big sigh.

"How do I know this plan will work for me, though?"

"Ha.  You don't!  No one can predict the future.  But what I can tell you is this ... I'm going to distill the most powerful things I've learned and put them in this plan.  All of the things I wish I had learned early on.  If you just follow the plan every day, it's as close to fool-proof as one can get in this life."

His tired eyes grew brighter ...


I could see he was almost there, but still struggling.  So, I turned the screws a little harder.

"I tell you what ... I'm going to give you 30 seconds to decide.  You get one chance.  Are you in or out?"

Hear me now:  some of the greatest wisdom in history was once uttered by the Roman Stoic philosopher Cato the Younger ...

"He who hesitates is lost."

Indeed.  Hesitation may be the single biggest destroyer of dreams on god's green earth.  

I've dealt with this so many times - I knew that if I couldn't get him to make a decision ...

... right now ...

... he'd likely be stuck forever.

So ... I grabbed my iPhone, set a timer for 30 seconds, pushed start, and held it in front of him.

His eyes were two giant orbs.  I could feel his fear.  Heck, it's the same fear almost every entrepreneur feels.  (After helping thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs around the world get "un-stuck", you begin to see patterns.)  

When the timer was at 10 seconds he started to sputter ...

"Mark, but what if ..."

I cut him off abruptly.

"Do you wanna be right?  Or do you wanna be rich?"

The timer hit zero.

I could tell those last words scrambled his brain.  The silence was deafening, even in the din of the bustling Phuket coffee shop.

"In or out, brother?  Right now."

He stood up straight and let out a deep sigh.  

"OK ... I'm in.  I'm in!"

I love moments like that and I don't disguise it.

Sporting a giant fatherly smile I stood up ...

"Come here, man."

I clasped his right hand, pulled him in for a hug, and slapped him on the back with my left.

"Atta boy.  We got this."

And now you, dear reader ... you "got this", too.  

No way would I put in the hard yards to make this for him without letting others reap the same rewards.

I designed it so it would work for any business - in any industry.

I designed it so it would be the ultimate business growth weapon - easily fireable by greenhorn business newbies and seasoned pros alike.

Here's what I'm about to put in your hands ...

A 1 YEAR DAY-TO-DAY BATTLE PLAN That Includes ​Specific Actions To ...

  • build a steady stream of new customers that grows and grows each and every day
  • gradually and consistently increase the amount of cash each and every one of those new customers stuffs in your pocket
  • ​flawlessly systemize your business so it can one day run without you (Sail off in the sunset ...?  Leave it as a legacy for the ones you love ...?  Sell it off for a big pay day ...?  It's all within reach - you're probably closer than you think.)
  • build a team of loyal "A-Players" who would never dream of working anywhere else 
  • turn your customers into ride-or-die evangelists so your business grows automatically
  • ​quietly squirrel away a mighty "war kitty" of cash so you can sail smoothly through good economic times and bad
  • surprise and delight your customers so they are eager to pull out their wallets every time you show up in their inbox
  • craft strategically timed eye-popping marketing campaigns to turn every week into Black Friday cash windfalls
  • and much more ... 

Flash Sale:

Order before 11:59PM on May 21

and get 75% Off!

PLUS:  The Most Potent Distillation of Business Wisdom Ever - Curated from the Greatest Business Minds in History

Just for good measure, every day I'll sprinkle in my privately-curated treasure trove of business gems.  

SIDE EFFECT WARNING:  Starting each day with a "holy crap, that's gonna make me a lot of money" epiphany may result in a marked improvement in your overall well-being.  (It may also give your competitors an incurable case of profit-envy.)
  • the most essential must-know business shortcuts ever uttered (the real stuff ... the gritty reality-based profit weapons they won't dare teach at Wharton or in fluffy overpriced pitch-fests ... the genuine 80/20 stuff guaranteed to pin your cash needle to "full")
  • the secret copywriting tricks the world's greatest wordsmiths only share in hushed tones (almost all of the "best of the best" are my personal friends and they teach me things they don't teach in public)
  • ​the stealthy gentle-but-ruthless "rapid decision closing tactics" of the world's most affluent sales pros (your customers will love you for this)
  • the astonishing "margin hacks" rapid-growth companies use to boost profit without a single change in their marketing 
  • ​the most diabolical persuasion weapons I witnessed serving as a Distinguished Member of the Military Intelligence Corp (a rare honor awarded to only a handful of warfighters in the U.S. Intelligence Community)
  • and much more ...

Who am I to make such claims?

Don't take my word for it ...

Order Yours Before 11:59PM PST on May 21st and Save a Whopping 75%!  
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Line by Line Analysis of Mark's Most Iconic Letter

(RARE VIDEO FOOTAGE) In 2005 I co-hosted a live event with the late great Gary Halbert.  In my presentation I broke down - line by line - how my famous "Wife Caught Cheating" letter has the magical ability to keep readers riveted to the page.  More importantly, it dissects the precise tactics I used that made it almost impossible for customers to say "no."

Warning: This is a raw and raucous presentation that is not suitable for children.  The subject matter and psychological trickery revealed in this video would make even my fellow military veterans blush.  Nothing is left to the imagination.

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